Wednesday, May 3, 2017

On Standing Upright

Some 15 years ago my father-in-law introduced me to golf. After taking a few lessons I had a rude awakening. My back was hurting which is not supposed to happen with a proper golf swing. I realized that my normal posture wasn't straight. I was in fact slightly hunched over. Given that I am tall, no one had really noticed, and after I hit the gym and developed my abs and strengthened my back muscles, some of my friends actually wondered if I had grown.

I was traveling a while back and while I was sitting at a conference I realized how my spine curled up. I did whatever I could to straighten it but nothing really worked. Later that week I got violently sick on my trip, and even worse, when I returned, I was told that my job was on the line in a company re-organization. It was then when I realized that my body had simply expressed this tension beforehand.

So back to the drawing board. Let's see what comes my way. I take encouragement by the fact that my father-in-law recently said to me that I looked like a soldier in my tight shirt. Well, given that he started this soul searching process in the first place, I take him as an authority on the subject.

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