Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Stepping out of Dark Energy Fields

I remember the times when I used porn to escape the emotional tensions that were torturing my body and soul. It was before my spiritual path opened up so it was impossible to see the spiritual damage I caused in the process. What I observed though, after a night of excess, I would perceive the world differently the next day. Where I would have seen pleasant and beautiful girls before, I would suddenly only see breasts and hot bodies. I had to deliberately force myself to zoom into faces of the girls I met, until after a couple of days this energy left me.

We all probably have seen the insanity of greedy and ambitious people. They don't see the world as it is, they see the world as they want to see it. Ruthlessly they trample on everything that is in their way. How easy it would be to say that they are bad people, but most of them are merely trapped in a dark energy field. Many are driven by subconscious processes they themselves don't understand, just as my sexual compulsion once was.

Lust, money and power - it is easy to see that these energies are stained. Yet, even something as spiritual as love can get caught in the web of compulsive forces. A spiritual friend has a twin love who is a singer with a big fan base. During the times when he was unavailable to her, she got lost in competing with other fans for his attention. She was sucked into a world of intrigue and female competition and was pulled down by it, even though her primary motive was love.

We all experience dark energy fields but life also offers ways to step out of them. A spiritual path is an ongoing choice away from the decisions that pull us further into them, and towards the energies that give us freedom. There is no right or wrong in this, life shows the way that works for every soul. The skirt chaser may find true love by finally meeting the woman who conquers him, while the ambitious business man may finally find the venture that brings him purpose and meaning.

The Indian Mystic Sri Ramakrishna used to say "Not this, not that". A spiritual path is an ever-continuing choice. We may get fooled on occasion what the right choice is in a special situation, but life will present them again to us so that we can choose better. If you find yourself caught in a negative energy field see how you can step out of it. There is no alternative. You have to let go of the energies that pull you down in order to be able to receive GOD's treasures.

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