Monday, June 12, 2017

A Journey of Embracing Life

I am a fast learner. I can learn the theory behind any idea in an instant. Normally, there is very little effort on my side to learn academically. With this advantage, I made it a habit to just zoom through the academic curriculum with little effort on my side. Anything requiring going the extra distance I conveniently avoided. Over the years, with this attitude, my life got stuck .

I refused to learn anything which required my effort or made me feel uneasy. I hated challenges and minded any change in my life that would inconvenience me in any way. I managed to cocooned myself in a comfortable bubble. However, the one obligation I could not run away from was my autistic son. To help him develop I was forced to step out of my comfort zone. Life forced me to throw myself into the unknown, and walk in the darkness. Because of it, I opened up to what life threw at me. I became willing to learn.

One morning I felt especially tortured. I allowed myself to be in that state. And all of a sudden I realized that’s exactly what my son is facing his life. With his disability, he has been walking on this planet with incredibly difficulty and pain. All of a sudden, I understood my mission. If I want to help him, I have to be able to bear the same difficulty so I can walk together with him out of the tunnel. Without being able to bear this pain, without being able to understand his journey, I could never really help him!

With this realization my heart is singing! Suddenly life opens up to me. How many years I have wasted rejecting life’s messenger and hence missed an opportunity to learn! Suddenly, I see my mission and GOD's PLAN very clearly. I accept GOD's present for me, accompanied by some bitter medicine. Every challenge sculptures me into something beautiful.

With this realization, I suddenly have full trust in God and life! There are no bad occurrences, there is only yet another opportunity to let of our subconscious burdens and karmic bonds. Everything life throes at us is part of GDP's PLAN. The more we open to life, the more presents we get. The more trust we have in God, the more we enjoy life, and the better we get at dancing with life. Life is suddenly not a challenge or threat anymore, it's a blessing instead.

Are you ready to open up to life? Are you ready to let life sculpture you GOD intended it? Are you ready to receive life presents? I am!

By Su Zhen

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