Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Finding Paradise Lost

It is a bit strange to assume that GOD dispelled humanity from paradise only because they ate fruit from the allegedly forbidden tree. Perhaps it was the other way around. We invented a view of the world in our own image and not GOD's. Then we got so scared and disconnected that we only cut ourselves further off from the WAY. We realized that we were naked so to speak. The CONNECTION got lost and we spiritual travelers are now on a mission to find it again.

How can we return, you might ask? Well, look at what is and perceive the VISION. It is fine to be naked, what is not fine is the voice in our head that tells us that we should be better proportioned or more beautiful. The ego games are always the same, first we perceive a twisted reality because of our artificial drives and desires, and afterwards the same voice beats us up over the fact that we gave in to it. It is possible to step out of this depressing movie. We can see love in action. It is also possible to see the cry for love instead of hate and aggression.

Embark on a healing mission for you and everyone you are interacting with. True, it takes a while to find paradise again but that's the job our forefathers left for us. So let's find it!

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