Friday, July 21, 2017

Outgrowing Jealousy

I didn't notice that your grass is greener; I was too busy working on my own yard.

He was decent looking, and he was aggressive when it came to women. In the locker room I saw a body that made me quite jealous, but still, I knew that I was better looking. He picked up the girls that I found attractive too, but was then only in brief relationships. He broke many young hearts. 

Thomas and I were classmates in high school, and for his womanizing habits I really disliked him. He certainly was smooth while I was a bit shy. But then, the idea that you go out with a girl for a few weeks and then dump her afterwards struck me as insane. When I am in a relationship, I want it to last.

We had a high school reunion when I was in college and I brought my girlfriend at that time along. Of course, Thomas spent an hour talking to her but I didn't care. He had already bloomed while I was just getting ready for life. Looking back, I find this episode a superb example demonstrating that when we always focus on what truly matters to us, jealousy doesn't come up.

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