Friday, December 29, 2017

Every day is exactly as should be

On my trip to Florida on vacation I had a sudden high that allowed my to edit a number of prior notes that were slumbering on my IPad waiting to be finished. Later when I was in the stunning 80 degree environment with brilliant beaches and sunshine I was never really able to repeat that feeling of ecstasy. Instead, our family fought for a good time of the stay. How come?

We spiritual travelers have a list of ‘ought to’ and ‘ought not to’ to guarantee an ongoing connection with our spiritual path but then life happens. If you aim for an ongoing Zen sentiment you may miss out on the explosive situations that allow you to bring out the repressed stuff from the depth of your subconscious. Welcome the highs and welcome the lows with equanimity.

Stay on your kosher spiritual path as best as you can, but don’t stay in life’s way either. You need the ups to be with GOD and the downs to let go and break through. Every day is exactly as should be!

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